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February 2015 Archives

Sport Injury Claims

Professional athletes are not the only individuals susceptible to sporting injuries. Potential for injury are just one of the few aspects you must accept when you participate in any organized sport. In the case of amateuor or recreational sports it is very difficult to file personal injurylawsuits. Once you become a participant in a recreational sport you are assuming any risk and the responsibility for injuries you sustain. Although, it is difficult there are some situations where another party can be expected to assume liability for your injury.

Nursing Home Wrongful Deaths

Admitting a loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult choice to make. You want to be sure that your elderly loved one will be cared for and looked after. Deaths in nursing homes can sometimes be a result of neglect and abuse inflicted onto the patient. In these situations the families and loved ones of victims can file wrongful death lawsuits against the nursing home. Immediate family members of the deceased, spouses, and distant family members are all able to file wrongful deathlawsuits. The neglect and abuse that takes place in nursing homes sometimes goes unnoticed before it is too late. Physical signs of abuse are easier to notice, however verbal abuse is harder to catch.

How Fatigued Truckers Can Avoid Accidents

Long hours on the road mostly spent in solitude during the time your body should be in a deep REM cycle can exhaust anyone, even truckers. Truck drivers spend hours driving on the road most of time without a companion to keep them company. Trucking is a difficult job that can severely disrupt your sleep patterns causing fatigue and drowsiness at the most inopportune times. However, there are simple ways truckers can remain alert while on the road.

3 Most Common Drug Charges

Conviction of a drug charge is a very serious offense that can have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. Penalties for drug charges range from relatively mild to extreme. Somedrug charges result in a $100 fine while others end in time spent in a state prison. A number of external factors affect the penalty you receive for your drug charge. Number of previous offenses, criminal record, the laws and regulations of that particular state, or leniency of the judge can all influence your consequence. However, the most influential factor is the type of drug charge.

Tips to Prevent a Home Burglary

An intruder in your home can take away more than just your possessions, they can also take away your peace of mind and sense of security. Roughly 200,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the U.S, of these 200,000 home burglaries about 30% occur through an unlocked door or window. Many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity, meaning the burglar commits the crime because the opportunity presented itself. Unlocked garages or weak security systems are a breeding ground for crimes of opportunity. However, there are simple ways to drastically reduce the chances of experiencing a home burglary.

You Have the Right to Record

With the recent investigations involving Mike Brown and Eric Garner questions have been raised concerning law enforcement and video recordings. In the case of Eric Garner, the only person that was indicted was Ramsey Orta the civilian that recorded the incident. There have been countless accounts of law enforcement seizing phones and demanding civilians to stop recording. Sometimes officers adopt forceful tactics to stop people from recording. Contrary to popular belief, it is within a person's legal rights to record law enforcement as long as they are not obstructing justice in the process. Any member of law enforcement that forcefully prevents you from recording is actively impeding on your 1st Amendment right.

Love is My Drug: Possession of Drugs FAQ's

For many, Valentine's Day is a day reserved for spoiling loved ones with sweet candies, flowers, and romantic candlelight dinners. For those less fortunate Valentine's Day is a painful reminder for singles of their relationship status. There a number of ways people remedy their loneliness and heartache on the day dedicated to love. Drug abuse is a very common method for managing negative feelings, especially on Valentine's Day. It is also a very difficult addiction to overcome. If you have been caught in possession of drugs the moments to come may be very difficult to withstand if you are not armed with the necessary information.

Your Social Media Presence and Freedom of Expression

With the constant innovative introduction of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook it has become a challenge to not get absorbed into the frenzy surrounding social media. It has actually opened up a pathway for people to express themselves, paralleling the first amendment "freedom of speech", or otherwise known as freedom of expression.

6 Bike Laws to Follow in Texas

Based on the Texas Transportation Code statues, there are 6 bike laws to follow for bike enthusiasts. As the weather warms up, cyclists and bikers alike look forward to either their morning or evening stroll along the complex highways and roadways of Texas. Whether you are riding a bike or operating a motor vehicle, these laws are created in order to improve the overall safety and well being of everyone on the road. Each year, thousands of cyclists are either killed or injured in road accidents, not including unreported accidents. These devastation's continually to rise each year due to road negligence. Learn the laws of the roadway and be mindful of oncoming traffic to avoid a road disaster.

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

Each year approximately 15 million Americans become victims of identity theft. Identitytheft can manifest itself in a number ways, the most popular methods of acquiring information include dumpster diving, mail theft, stolen wallets, and data breaches. Stolen identities may sometimes be crimes of opportunity, when we leave our personal belongings vulnerable to outsiders, it becomes very easy for someone to take advantage of these openings. Although there are some circumstances where identity theft is unavoidable(company data breaches) there are precautions one can take in order to avoid dealing with the ramifications of a stolen identity.

FAQ for Aviation Accidents

When the flowers begin to spring up and our days get longer it becomes prime time for vacation trips. Whether you're jetting off to the sandy beach or holing up in a snowy cabin many trips require plane rides. Aviation is meant to be the most reliable mode of transportation, however accidents happen. In recent news Malaysian Airline Flight 370 completely disappeared and never resurfaced. Following that, Indonesian Airline Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea killing all 162 people on the aircraft. Plane accidents happen, we can not predict or control them. As a surviving victim what you can do is ensure you receive compensation for the tragedy you suffered. Accidents involving aircrafts can be very difficult and confusing to navigate. When you arm yourself with the necessary information the experience may be easier to endure.

7 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Maintaining your automobile may seem like it constantly zaps money out of your account every couple months. The cost of installing a new battery, changing your oil, and changing your tires can add up and take a heavy toll on your funds, especially if the problem occurs suddenly and without fore warning. Car maintenance is unavoidable, however there are tips one can follow to ease the burden and soften the blow to your bank account.

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