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5 Common Causes of Automobile Accidents

| Feb 23, 2015 | Uncategorized |

An estimated 1.3 million people die in automobile accidents every year.Car accidents are the 9th leading causes of death globally and roughly about 3,827 people die in automobile accidents daily. These numbers simply show the frequency of road accidents, but what are the most common causes?

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted is one of the most common causes of automobile accidents. It also happens to be one of the easiest activities to engage in while on the road. This is because distracted driving can range from adjusting your car radio to replying a text message. Anything that diverts your attention from the road and places it elsewhere falls under the umbrella of distracted driving. Roughly 20-50% of all automobile accidents were the result of a distracted driver behind the wheel.

2. Fatigued Drivers

Drowsiness on the road can lead to a number of incidents on the road. A drowsy driver can drift off the road, doze behind the wheel, miscalculate the distance of objects, and quickly lose control of the vehicle. If you are met with feelings of fatigue while on the road, pull over to rest, get a caffeine boost, or switch with another driver if this option is possible. Never overestimate your ability to fight of sleep while operating a vehicle.

3. Driving while under the influence

It is not secret that alcohol and controlled substance influence our ability to drive. Depth perception, judgment of situations, and response time are all altered when we consume substances. Never get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have been drinking or doing drugs. Always pass the keys over to the designated driver, if this is not possible call a taxi or rideshare service to your location. Car accidents involving drunk drivers almost always lead to serious injury or fatality. Do not place yourself or others in harms way by drinking irresponsibly or driving while under the influence of any controlled substance.

4. Bad Weather

Sometimes automobile accidents are a result of external factors completely out of our control. We may not be able to influence or control the weather, but we can take extra caution during bad weather conditions. Snow, sleet, fog, or ice on roads significantly increase the possibility of accidents occurring on the road. Always watch for weather reports, drive slowly, and stay alert on the road.

5. Speed Demons

Fast driving magnifies your chances of being involved in a wreck. Driving over the designated speed limit makes it difficult to stop suddenly, avoid other drivers, and other objects on the road. Speed limits are not suggestions, they are determined by expert systems through computational methods. Speed limits are put in place to minimize the chance of road accidents and other potential harms.

Research indicates that most people experience 2-3 accidents in their driving lifetime. Although, some of these accidents may not result in serious injury or death avoidance is still the way to go. Once you are aware of the most common causes of automobile accidents you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing one.

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