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7 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

| Feb 2, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Maintaining your automobile may seem like it constantly zaps money out of your account every couple months. The cost of installing a new battery, changing your oil, and changing your tires can add up and take a heavy toll on your funds, especially if the problem occurs suddenly and without fore warning. Car maintenance is unavoidable, however there are tips one can follow to ease the burden and soften the blow to your bank account.

1. Neglecting to Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can decrease drastically as a result of many uncontrollable factors. Drops in the temperature or foreign objects lodged into the tires can reduce tire pressure. To the untrained eye tire pressure may be difficult to gauge, for this reason tire pressure must be checked regularly in order to completely avoid a flattened tire.

2. Disregarding the Engine Check Light

Although your vehicle may be operating normally with the engine check light on, it is best to make a trip to the mechanic as soon as the light appears on the dashboard. The longer you wait to take your car to the mechanic the more expensive it may be to fix the problem.

3. Avoiding Oil Changes

Depending on the manufacturer, make and model of your vehicle intervals between oil changes vary. However often you are directed to change your oil it is very important to stick to this recommendation. Failure to change your oil regularly can lead to the build up sludge which can quickly damage your engine.

4. Ignoring Fluid Checks

Your vehicle depends on various fluids to keep it running properly, it is critical to constantly check and exchange the fluids in your car. Transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, and washer fluids are just a few fluids that require adequate attention and care.

5. Overlooking Brake Inspection

Automobiles are constantly making noises, this makes it very difficult for you detect squeaking or grinding sounds emitting from your brakes. It is important to be aware of any strange sounds coming from your car and make an immediate trip to the mechanic if you notice any strange sounds. Worn brake pads become extremely dangerous for the driver and passengers if not fixed immediately.

6. Not Replacing Burned out Lights

Unlike most car maintenance issues, burned out lights are quite easy to detect. In addition to easy detection replacing light bulbs is relatively inexpensive. Headlights and tail lights that don’t project light create serious dangers for yourself and surrounding drivers. Replacing car light bulbs immediately can save you from the headache that comes with the aftermath of a car accident or the troubles that comes with being pulled over.

7. Avoiding Tire Rotation or Alignment

Occasional tire alignment and rotation is another relatively inexpensive car maintenance requirement. Tire rotation and alignment are not required often, usually they only need to be performed twice a year. There are simple ways to determine if this particular service is necessary. If your car pulls to one direction without your influence or if one set of tires appears more worn down than the other it is very likely that you need to rotate and align your tires.

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