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FAQ for Aviation Accidents

| Feb 4, 2015 | Uncategorized |

When the flowers begin to spring up and our days get longer it becomes prime time for vacation trips. Whether you’re jetting off to the sandy beach or holing up in a snowy cabin many trips require plane rides. Aviation is meant to be the most reliable mode of transportation, however accidents happen. In recent news Malaysian Airline Flight 370 completely disappeared and never resurfaced. Following that, Indonesian Airline Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea killing all 162 people on the aircraft. Plane accidents happen, we can not predict or control them. As a surviving victim what you can do is ensure you receive compensation for the tragedy you suffered. Accidents involving aircrafts can be very difficult and confusing to navigate. When you arm yourself with the necessary information the experience may be easier to endure.

FAQ for victims of aviation accidents:

1. What are my legal rights after the accident

Injury or death as a result of an aviation accident entitles you to filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits can be filed against the airline, pilot, owner of the aircraft, or manufacturer of the aircraft. Compensation for you, your spouse, or legal guardian can be received. Compensation can extend to others close to you because individuals involved in aviation accidents are not the only victims. Those around you can also experience emotional distress and disruptions to their lifestyle.

2. What kind of compensation can I receive?

Compensation often comes in monetary form. Current and future medical bills, current and future loss of income, current and future pain and suffering can be covered. Monetary compensation can also be received for wrongful deaths. Although monetary compensation does not right the wrong you suffered for some it eases the burdens that come with painful experience. The amount of monetary compensation you receive can vary from state to state.

3. What type of attorney should I hire?

Attorneys that specialize in aviation lawsuits are ideal attorneys to hire. Attorneys that have experience and high success rates are also ideal. Be sure to to hire an attorney that operates under a contingency basis. This means that they won’t receive a dime until your case is won. Your attorney should represent a respectable law firm, have an impressive success rate, and have a network of people that they can call upon to help with your lawsuit.

4. What type of commitment do I need for these lawsuits?

Filing a lawsuit for an aviation accident can be a long and complex process. You’re looking ahead to many months even years of settlement discussions. This process may cause you to relieve the accident over and over. However, with experienced attorneys it is their responsibility to handle the complicated legal portion. Your responsibilities are to provide all the necessary information you can and in the end accept a settlement you feel is acceptable.

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