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Tips to Prevent a Home Burglary

| Feb 18, 2015 | Uncategorized |

An intruder in your home can take away more than just your possessions, they can also take away your peace of mind and sense of security. Roughly 200,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the U.S, of these 200,000 home burglaries about 30% occur through an unlocked door or window. Many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity, meaning the burglar commits the crime because the opportunity presented itself. Unlocked garages or weak security systems are a breeding ground for crimes of opportunity. However, there are simple ways to drastically reduce the chances of experiencing a home burglary.

1. Know your surroundings

Analyzing your neighborhood on jogs or walks to the mailbox can help you understand the area and notice any abnormalities. When you are familiar with the area, your neighborhoods, and scheduled events it becomes easier for you to notice oddities. Strange cars parked for an extended amount of time or suspicious individuals loitering can be signs of potential danger. If you notice anything out of ordinary notify your local neighborhood watch or law enforcement. It is always better to overreact than underreact.

2. Keep ALL entrances to your home locked

Most people have no problem remembering to lock their front door or backdoors, however they sometimes forget the other possible entrances to their homes. Windows, garage doors, and doggy doors are all ways for burglars to invade your home. Always remember to lock every entrance even if you are away for only a short amount of time. It may only takes five minutes for an intruder to enter your home, however it also may only take a few minutes to lock up before you leave or go to bed.

3. Set up your home while away

While away on business trip or vacations there a number of ways to protect your home from burglary. If possible ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house. Implement preventive measures while away, having someone water your plants or pick up your mail can discourage a home intruder. Letting your mail or deliveries accumulate can signal to a burglar that your home is unattended and vulnerable.

4. Install security systems

Installing a security system is the best way to prevent home intruders. When purchasing a security system do not skimp on price. A proper security system can be seen as an investment. Although it may be expensive at the time, if an intruder makes an attempt to burglarize your home the expensive items in your home will be protected. Additionally, it is difficult to place a price on security and peace of mind. In addition to installing a security system, frequently change the passcode on your automated garage doors. If you are unable to purchase a security system for your home make a sign that you have one and place it in a visible place. The threat of security system false or not will deter intruders, no burglar wants to take that type of risk.

Home burglaries happen frequently, however following these simple tips may prevent you from becoming one of those 200,000 victims.

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