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Motions to Revoke Probation

For every individual under probation the experience will be different. Some people find it very difficult to endure the process while others have little to no trouble while underprobation. Different factors contribute to your experience. The details of your offense, your officer, and behavior all determine the type of experience you will encounter. Of these three, your behavior during your probation period will have the most influence. Your officer will take notice of and record good behavior and cooperation. He or she will then relay the message to the judge assigned to your case. It is quite simple, good behavior helps and bad behavior harms. During the period of your probation it is possible that you may have your probation revoked. This does not mean you immediately get sent to jail. The judge could simply extend your probation period, administer fines, or require you to receive counseling. A probation revocation can be caused by a number of different things.

Causes of Helicopter Accidents

Riding in a helicopter is an experience that is unmatched. Helicopter flights are not only used for medical emergencies, but they are also used for personal recreation. For those lucky enough to experience a helicopter ride without the threat of a medical emergency, it can be an enjoyable experience. Although flying is meant to be the safest mode of transportation accidents still happen. Helicopters are complicated machines. Unlike regular passenger planes, they are designed to flexible enough to deal with quick and sudden movements. Helicopters serve a number of purposes, they are used when people seeking medical attention need to be airlifted and are also used in military as well as rescue missions. However, with any type of heavy machinery things can go wrong. Even things within the external environment can be the cause of helicopter crashes. Listed below are the most common causes.

Common Water Park Injuries

Water themed parks can be a source of amusement. Between the wave pools and cotton candy both children and adults can be entertained at water parks. Trips to water parks can be a time for family and friends to create pleasant memories and take a much needed break away from the stress of school and work. Although water parks can be a place of enjoyment, they can also quickly become a dangerous environment. High velocity slides can cause collisions with others. The impact of landing in the pool can also be the cause on injuries. Lacerations from protruding objects, dislocations from bad landings, and water inhalation are also possible injuries one can sustain while at a water park. Knowing common water park injuries may encourage you to practice caution.

FAQ About Product Liability Cases

As a consumer of products you have certain expectations about the products you purchase. You expect the product to properly function, complete its intended purpose, and not harm you while in use. These expectations are not unreasonable nor are they out of the ordinary. Purchasing and using a defective product can be frustrating experience and can also lead to serious injuries. If you feel compelled to fileproduct liability lawsuit you may many questions. Below are the most common product liability case questions answered.

4 Types of Visitors in a Premises Liability Case

Premise liability is defined as the responsibility the owner of a property assumes once someone enters their property. You are the liable party for any injuries sustained on your property. Water parks, grocery stores, schools, and private homes are all locations that can be the stage for a premise liability case. When you own a property it becomes your responsibility to ensure that all those entering your property will not be injured. Loose stones in a walkway, weak guardrails, or unpaved snow in driveways are all potential dangers that can cause accident or injury. Premise liability operate under certain conditions, certain factors must be present for this case to be strong. One of the most important factors that determine the outcome of the case is the status of the visitor. Status of visitor, nature of the injury, and state of the property are some of the factors included in a premise liability case. In a premise liability case the status of a visitor can fall under four different categories.

Essential SXSW Tips

Every year South by Southwest experiences exponential growth. What once started out as a moderately sized festival that mostly featured local artists has transformed into a large scale festival that receives visitors from around the globe. Between celebrity appearances and the amount of guerrilla adverting SXSW has become difficult to keep low key. During mid-march the city of Austin experiences an influx visitors, an increase in traffic and stress. Navigating through Austin can become a nightmare during the festival, especially for SXSW "newbies". Following the tips listed below can help anyone thoroughly enjoy their SXSW experience.

Misdemeanors Defined

People are not wrong to assume that misdemeanor crimes carry less weight than felonies. Misdemeanor crimes are met with less severe punishments, while felonies usually involve longer jail time and larger fines. Punishment for misdemeanor crimes include limited jail time, smaller fines, hours of community service, and a criminal record. Misdemeanors usually fall under three categories.

Prevent Theft & Robbery During Spring Break

Crowds of school students gathered together under the influence of alcohol with very little inhibitions can be the cause of serious chaos. Young adults can be very unpredictable, throwing in alcohol and other substances can heighten this unpredictability. When you travel you may bring along some or all of your valuable items. Phones, laptops, and wallets are all items that may accompany students on their spring break travels. How do you protect your valuable items in the midst of chaos and unpredictably?

Steps to a Domestic Violence Trial

Domestic violence charges are very serious and require immediate legal counsel from a domestic violence attorney. The first 48 hours in a domestic violence case are the most critical. Charges are made first and questions are asked later. Both your attorney and the prosecutor will be moving quickly to gather statements, collect evidence, and eventually build a case. Preventive measures will be taken by your attorney to stop the case from going to trial. In the case that these measures are not successful it is best to be aware of the steps of a domestic violence case. The process is divided into four steps:

Difference between Expunction and Sealing of Records

As humans were are imperfect. We make mistakes, are made of flaws, and a prone to lapses in judgment. However, we are not our mistakes nor should we be measured by our errors. Job applications, college admission forms, and other documents often require us to divulge the details of our criminal record. Our criminal records can greatly influence the outcome of many potential opportunities. Some employers may be less inclined to hire someone with a criminal record. For students entering college financial aid can be reduced based on criminal records. When faced with a criminal record some people decide to take proactive measures. There are two different options one can use to clear a criminal record: expunction of criminal records or sealing of a criminal records. People often confuse the two to be the same but there are distinct differences that exist between the two methods.

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