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Common Water Park Injuries

Water themed parks can be a source of amusement. Between the wave pools and cotton candy both children and adults can be entertained at water parks. Trips to water parks can be a time for family and friends to create pleasant memories and take a much needed break away from the stress of school and work. Although water parks can be a place of enjoyment, they can also quickly become a dangerous environment. High velocity slides can cause collisions with others. The impact of landing in the pool can also be the cause on injuries. Lacerations from protruding objects, dislocations from bad landings, and water inhalation are also possible injuries one can sustain while at a water park. Knowing common water park injuries may encourage you to practice caution.

1. Water inhalation/drownings

The presence of water introduces the possibility of accidental drownings. Even with lifeguards stationed at different locations accidental drownings still occur. During the spring and summer water parks are full to the brim with groups of people. Large crowds make it difficult for lifeguards to spot someone in need of attention. Another contributor of accidental drownings are patrons oblivious to the depth or force of wave pools and other rides. The sheer velocity of some slides is enough to disorient even the best of some swimmers. When coming down a slide and landing into a pool of water it is very easy to lose your bearings. Being swept under a wave of water can overwhelm in seasoned swimmers.

2. Sprains or fractures

Sprains and fractures are another common water park injury. Slippery surfaces can causeslip and fall accidents. Landing wrong may lead to a bone fracture or sprained ankle. When sliding into a pool you may accidentally collide with someone. Collisions with other park patrons are unpredictable in terms of injury. It is possible that your collision may lead to a dislocated shoulder. It is also possible that your collision may result in a fractured ankle. Sprains and fractures can also occur on slower paced rides, like lazy rivers.

3. Traumatic brain injury

Sometimes injuries are more serious than a simple face laceration or ankle sprain. The force and speed of some rides alone can be enough to cause severe damage to the brain. Sudden stops or sharp movements during a ride can cause our bodies to involuntarily jerk. These sudden movements can cause or heads to slam against our seats. Sudden and forceful head movements can lead to contusions or concussions. The nature of brain injuries can be very unpredictable. Sometimes in the way that they occur and also in the way that our brains are effected afterwards.

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