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Prevent Theft & Robbery During Spring Break

| Mar 6, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Crowds of school students gathered together under the influence of alcohol with very little inhibitions can be the cause of serious chaos. Young adults can be very unpredictable, throwing in alcohol and other substances can heighten this unpredictability. When you travel you may bring along some or all of your valuable items. Phones, laptops, and wallets are all items that may accompany students on their spring break travels. How do you protect your valuable items in the midst of chaos and unpredictably?

  • When reserving a hotel try to reserve a room above the first floor. It is very easy for first floor rooms to be broken into. This is based on the convenience of the location of first floors. First floors are closest to the entrance and the lobby of hotels.
  • Limit your hotel information to those in your group of friends. Sharing hotel information with those in the lobby, bars, or on the street can place you and your friends in potential danger. The name of the hotel you are checked into, the floor, and room number are pieces of information that should be shared with discretion. Be aware of the company you invite to your hotel room, some people may abuse the hotel information you offered.
  • If the hotel you are staying at offers a safe, take advantage of this. You can place your extra cards, cash, passports, jewelry, laptops or other valuable items you do not want out in the open when you’re away from your room.
  • Close your door carefully when you leave your room. Sometimes doors do not lock without use of force. Double check the door before you venture out. When you get into your room check all windows and doors to be sure that they are properly locked. It may only take a few minutes for someone to enter your room and take something while you’re occupied in the bathroom.
  • Make use of the do not disturb sign. In short absences leaving the sign on the door may deter any potential theft from occurring. They may assume you are actually occupying your room and may not enter.
  • When in public keep your wallet and cellphone out of your back pockets. In crowds pick pocketing becomes significantly easier when valuables are placed in back pockets. If you place your items in a backpack keep them in the closest compartment to your back. Tightly zip up wallets that contain identification and money. Although they may not be the most fashionable items, fanny packs are a great way to store items because they are kept closely to the front of your body where you can keep a watchful eye.
  • When withdrawing money from ATM’s keep a watchful eye on people watching your movements. Block your pin and account information with your free hand or body. If possible do not go to ATM’s alone or at night, this can leave you exposed to danger.

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