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Surgical Errors that May Lead to Lawsuits

| Apr 6, 2015 | Personal Injury |

In the U.S an estimated 51.4 million procedures happen a year. Of these procedures roughly 4,000 of them involve some sort of surgical error. Some might say these are good odds. However, those 4,000 procedures with patients who have to suffer from a surgical error may disagree. If we lived in a perfect world every procedure would be successful with no complications. Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes and these mistakes can leave serious damage and inflict pain and suffering on the patient. If you have suffered injury or damages from a surgical error you may be entitled to receive compensation. Types of compensation vary depending on the particular circumstances of the case. Generally, compensation can cover medical bills, loss of income, and emotional suffering. Common surgical errors are listed below:

1. Failure to react to a complication

Our bodies are intricate organisms. Our systems, organs, blood vessels, arteries, and muscles are operate dependently of each other. Any foreign object that comes into contact with an organ or vessel can effect another area of our internal system. During a procedure without notice a patient can throw a clot or the surgeon can nick an artery. Both of these incidents can lead to serious complications and sometimes death if they are not dealt with immediately. Surgeons go through years and years of training to prepare for situations such as this. Surgeons understand that not every surgery will go as planned. They must also understand that in the event that of a nicked a vessel or artery they must minimize damage and create the best outcome for the patient.

2. Failure to prevent post operative infection

Surgical errors do not exclusively occur during the actual procedure. They can also occur during post operative care. The most common error during recovery are preventative infections. If the nursing staff does not properly dress the bandage on your incision site this can lead to serious infections. Also, if your doctor and nursing staff neglect to monitor your condition (heart rate, blood pressure, bodily functions) they may miss indications that your body is in distress. Sometimes errors made during the actual procedure are not noticed until the patient is recovering. If a contaminated surgical instrument was used, this may not be known until the patient develops in infection during recovery. These type of errors can open the door to lawsuits that could destroy a doctor’s career and a hospital’s reputation. For this reason medical staff should always be cautious of their actions in and out of the operating room.

3. Unnecessary procedures

Incorrect diagnosis can lead to unnecessary procedures. Unnecessary procedures can lead to unnecessary recovery time and serious threats to a patient’s health. The same symptoms can surface in a number of different conditions, which can be deceiving. One minor error in judgement can lead to improper diagnosis.

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