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September 2015 Archives

3 Most Common Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death claim is filed when a person is liable for the death of another, intentional or not. As a civil court case, it is usually filed by the loved ones of someone whom they believed died unnecessarily due to another's negligence. Wrongful death can occur in a multitude of different ways, but below are three most common reasons for family or loved ones to file wrongful death lawsuits.

3 Common Truck Accident Causes

One of the most life threatening events that can happen on the road aretruck accidents. Semi-trucks are at least three times the size of any other car or truck on the road and can cause serious or even fatal injuries. To keep yourself aware of the possible outcomes of colliding with a truck, read the most common causes of truck accidents.

Are Unwanted Facebook Pictures an Invasion of Privacy?

Facebook has been a struggle for business professionals everywhere since it's launch in 2004. There is a constant struggle for employees wondering if their employers can see their status updates, and employers wanting to use Facebook to recruit potential employees. Is this fair? What if someone posts a picture without your approval or knowledge?

Overcome Sexual Assault on Campus

Sexual assault in relationships is unfortunately a common occurrence on college campuses. Date rape among college students accounts for 35% of all reported attempted rapes and 43% of dating college women reported experiencing abusive behaviors from their partner. Knowing the risks and remedies of sexual assault will increase the safety of you and your friends, whether they are the accused or the victims.

5 Signs of Drunk Drivers

Driving around a college town can be difficult no matter what. Busses are always too big for the lanes, freshman have no idea where they're going and students are constantly walking wherever they please. Staying alert is the best way to be a safe driver, but sometimes, no matter how good of a driver you are, other drivers can be spontaneous and out of control.

Hazing: Know the Facts and How to Prevent It

For years, fraternities and sororities have followed the tradition of "hazing" their incoming members as a way to initiate them into the exclusive group. In recent years, the intensity of these acts have made it into the public eye, and it isn't pretty for those who participate. It has come to the attention of Texas lawmakers that there must be a consequence for such inhumane actions towards their own peers.

How Contingency Fees Work

If you recently have endured any physical or psychological harm due to negligence of another person, governmental entity, or private operation, you are likely eligible to file apersonal injury lawsuit. After searching the internet for the perfect lawyer, you see something along the lines of "we don't get paid unless you win." It seems too good to be true, so what's the catch?

How to Drive Safely in the Rain

The Texas Hill Country is no stranger to bad weather this year after experiencing extreme floods and record amounts of rain in the Spring. Could it be that after three months of no rain we have retreated back to drought conditions? It's very true, and very sad. As we enter another rainy season this Fall, it is important to revisit the dangers of severe weather and how we should act accordingly. Below are a few quick tips to help you drive safe in the rain.

How Is Bail Determined?

When a person is arrested, they are taken to jail, but not necessarily to stay there indefinitely. Police and judges can set a bail amount that allows suspects to exit jail on the grounds of agreeing to come back. The official definition of bail is:

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