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3 Common Truck Accident Causes

| Sep 25, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

One of the most life threatening events that can happen on the road aretruck accidents. Semi-trucks are at least three times the size of any other car or truck on the road and can cause serious or even fatal injuries. To keep yourself aware of the possible outcomes of colliding with a truck, read the most common causes of truck accidents.

Driver Error

Mosttruck accidents are due to the truck driver’s own errors. Things like excessive drowsiness from the long drives and even illicit drug use, known as a common way to keep drivers awake through the night, contribute to the driver’s distraction and accident. When approaching or passing an 18-wheeler, pay attention to their driving habits and be ready to act accordingly if they fail to follow the laws of the road. It has been proven that driver error is 10 times more likely than any other reason to cause a truck accident.

Truck Malfunction

Although there are rigorous instructions on which parts should be used for 18-wheelers and how often the trucks are inspected, most truck drivers do not pay close enough to the state of their truck parts. Manytruck accidents are due to defective or worn out tires, malfunctioning brakes, and broken reverse or brake lights. Car drivers are quick to try to pass an 18-wheeler, but it is important to know exactly where the truck driver is headed. If it seems the truck is moving, be defensive and wait until it is situated to avoid confusion and a possible truck accident.


The size and weight of semi-trucks are by far the largest occupant on the road. With regular-sized vehicles, it is advised to keep a two vehicledistance to the car in front of you in severe storms. For 18-wheelers, that length should triple. Unfortunately, truck drivers don’t always abide by leaving accurate space to stop in extreme weather. Other times, truck drivers give themselves enough space to stop if necessary but cars take advantage of the open space to skip traffic, defeating the purpose of the truck driver’s safety precautions.

In any case, it is best to be extremely cautious when sharing the road with truck drivers. If you or someone you know was involved in a truck accident, contact Kyle Law Firm in theSan Marcos, New Braunfels andSeguin area for a free consultation.