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Dangers of Railroad Quiet Zones in San Marcos

| Sep 28, 2015 | Personal Injury |

Dangers of Railroad Quiet Zones in San Marcos

The City of San Marcos is notorious for a high amount of railroad traffic passing through town. Over 30 trains pass daily through major intersections, blocking traffic at all times. Those who have lived in San Marcos, TX for any extended period know that if you want to get somewhere on time, you should give yourself an extra 10 minutes for possible train delay.

It should come with no surprise that San Marcos citizens are excited for the newly implemented “Quiet Zone” for railroads. The noise pollution from the constant trains left people aggravated and so the City of San Marcos did what they thought was best for the community. But what about public safety?

According to Operation Lifesaver, every 3 hours a person is struck by a train. Texas ranks first of all the states in number of railroad accidents, deaths and injuries. So, although quiet zones make for a peaceful sleep, it only contributes to a higher amount of unnecessary deaths and injuries from drivers who are distracted or unaware.

Keep San Martians (residents of San Marcos) Safe

If the driver hears no indication of a train approaching, many people find it safe to drive around the gates, but now that San Marcos is a quiet zone, train wrecks are more likely and need prevention. Nineteen intersections across San Marcos are now considered “quiet zones.” To combat the safety risks, medians have been placed so drivers cannot squeeze through the lowered gates.

An overpass, similar to that on Wonderworld Dr. in San Marcos, is being built on Aquarena Springs Dr. This is one of the busiest streets in town and the crossing is known as the number one excuse for students at Texas State University are late for class.

Among other regulations, the SMPD is taking railroad safety seriously and cracking down on pedestrians who choose to pass railroads in places other than specifically marked crossings. This is due to the tragic death of a San Marcos student in April 2015, who was hit crossing a railroad track with headphones in.

Train Accident Victims

Although the quiet zone seems like a great idea for those who live close to the train tracks, which is over half of the San Marcos population, it creates an increasing safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians. If you were injured in a train accident or someone you know, it is imperative to contact a personal injury lawyer to obtain proper compensation for your injury and medical bills. Kyle Law Firm serves the San Marcos,New Braunfels andSeguin area and is willing to fight for your train accident case.