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Overcome Sexual Assault on Campus

| Sep 21, 2015 | Safety Tips |

Sexual assault in relationships is unfortunately a common occurrence on college campuses. Date rape among college students accounts for 35% of all reported attempted rapes and 43% of dating college women reported experiencing abusive behaviors from their partner. Knowing the risks and remedies of sexual assault will increase the safety of you and your friends, whether they are the accused or the victims.

How Does It Happen?

If you know what sort of situations lead to sexual assault cases, you can reduce your risk of becoming involved in a sexual assault incident.

According to the campus sexual assault report, victims who regularly drink to the point of intoxication are at much higher risk to sexual assault to those who do not. In most sexual assault cases on campus, the victim and perpetrator know each other in some way, whether it is an acquaintance, friend or significant other. In the National College Women’s Study, nearly 40% of women experiencing sexual victimization were on a date with the perpetrator and over half of the reported cases occurred after midnight. Unfortunately, even your living situation can put you at further risk of sexual assault encounters. People who live in co-ed dorms or sorority houses have a proven record of higher reports.

How Can You Prevent It?

The best way to avoid being a victim of, or accused of sexual assault is to clearly state your intentions with that other person.

If you are on a date, make your intentions clear. When one or both parties become noticeably intoxicated and acting ruthlessly, exit the situation. In the case of social activity, be sure to have a friend that you trust with you at all times. Being accountable for others keeps all activity from going unnoticed and if your “party buddy” slips away, you should be able to find them quickly to keep them safe, as they should for you. When considering your living situation, be sure to keep the doors locked at all times whether you are out or in your room studying. If at any point you feel that those you live with are untrustworthy, protect yourself by moving to a comfortable place you know is safe.

How to Handle a Sexual Assault

Whether you are the victim or the accused, a sexual assault case can be traumatizing. In many cases, unreported cases are due to victims claiming they were “embarrassed” or “ashamed” to admit to someone what happened. If you are unable to report it on your own, confide in someone you trust. Your “party buddy” is there for a reason and they will get you through the necessary steps.

If you are the accused, whether innocent or guilty, it can be a life changing situation. Even when proven innocent, it can take years to rebuild your reputation. If found guilty, there is a long legal process awaiting. The best idea is to contact a criminal defense lawyer in your local area immediately for legal advice.

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