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Football Helmets May Actually Cause Brain Injuries

| Jan 26, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Personal Injury |

It is no secret that football is one of the roughest sports around, contributing to numerous concussions and other injuries among players every year. While many of these injuries have been attempted to be mitigated through the use of safety equipment and helmets, the effectiveness of this equipment has been questionable at best. If recent research is to be believed, however, football helmets may actually be a cause of brain injuries – causing helmet manufacturers to come under fire.

According to a recent article published in the New York Times, football helmets may contribute to the occurrence of brain injuries due to a phenomenon called the Peltzman effect. Named after the economist Sam Peltzman, the Peltzman effect suggests that the use of safety gear tends to provide its users with a false sense of security and cause them to act less carefully, causing them to engage in more risky behaviors which may lead to injury. In the case of football, football helmets can cause players to feel protected and increase their chances of leading with their heads, rather than their bodies.

An interesting example of this phenomenon can be seen when examining the number of injuries occurring between rugby and football. Professional rugby, a sport which uses very little safety gear and is in many cases rougher than football, exposes players to far more tackles per game than football, though has a much lower rate of concussions. Modern football has about seven concussions per 10 games, whereas rugby has only 2.5.

Can Helmet Manufacturers Be Sued?

As a result of this trend, many ex-football players have taken to filing lawsuits against helmet manufacturers – particularly NFL helmet behemoth Riddell, Inc. – over injuries sustained during their careers which allegedly should have been prevented by the helmets. One such lawsuit filed by former Steelers Pro Bowl receiver Yancey Thigpen and 13 other players claims that the company failed to properly warn players of the long-term health risks of concussions that the company’s products claimed to prevent, causing them to sustain permanent brain damage over time.

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