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Driving after drinking can lead to DUI/DWI in Texas

| Jun 21, 2017 | DUI/DWI |

When people travel the roads here in Texas, they assume that everyone that is on the roadway is driving safely. For some drivers, that is not the case. Drivers can be under the influence of medication, alcohol, drugs or even suffering from illness. Police must perform tests to determine if a suspect is driving under the influence before charging the driver with DUI/DWI. This is what occurred recently on a warm late-spring morning in Athens-Clark County.

According to a report, a young woman was driving on a Texas highway when police became aware that she was driving erratically. In addition, the driver ran through a traffic light that had turned red. Because of this activity, police decided to make a traffic stop. When they approached the vehicle after it came to a stop, they began to suspect that the driver had been drinking.

There was a strong smell of alcohol, police asserted in their report. This led to standard DUI/DWI road testing, and a criminal charge. The driver also faces accusations of failing to maintain a lane and failure to obey a traffic control device.

When a person is taken into custody for DUI/DWI, he or she may face various charges, as this young Texas driver did recently. It is important for such an individual to remember that no one is guilty until a court of law makes such a determination in Texas, as elsewhere. Because of this, those accused may find it helpful to obtain information about the laws that apply to their situation. This information may assist them as they work to defend themselves, and the assistance of an experienced professional may be invaluable to this effort.

Source:, “Texas woman arrested in Athens for DUI“, Joe Johnson, June 13, 2017