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Texas drug possession, other charges could help solve cold case

| Jun 28, 2017 | Drug Possession |

A cold case is one that police have been working on for a long time, and often one that they no longer have many leads to help them find the perpetrators. Just such a case has existed in Texas since 1988. It involves the murders of two young people. Police say that a recent arrest on drug possession charges could help provide answers.

According to a report, a man and a woman were involved in a traffic stop recently. The incident occurred when a driver on a Texas roadway was pulled over, and then police say they smelled what they thought was marijuana. This led to a search of the vehicle where more drugs, a gun and a body-armor type vest were discovered.

In addition, the female passenger in the vehicle is said to have told police that there may be additional drugs at the home of the driver because the couple’s intent had been to travel to get drugs and then distribute them. This purported admission led police to the home of the driver. Drug possession and weapons charges followed, but law enforcement authorities say they also discovered evidence pertaining to the cold-case murders from 1988.

The driver was taken into custody, though he was later released after posting bail. This man, like others in Texas who face drug possession charges — or other even more serious accusations — is fully entitled to the presumption of innocence with regard to the pending accusations as well as with respect to any ongoing criminal investigation. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the formal accusations, together with the rekindled murder investigation, mandate that every reasonable effort be made to protect this man’s legal rights as he focuses on defending himself in court.

Source:, “Arrest Brings Shocking Discoveries in 1988 Texas Cold Case“, Senora Scott, June 21, 2017