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Enforcement up for Texas DUI/DWI

| Jul 6, 2017 | DUI/DWI |

The Fourth of July is a major holiday for most in America, and folks in Texas are no different. People take to the streets and waterways to celebrate the nation’s birthday every year. Sometimes, though, the celebration can lead to excessive drinking. That is what the authorities focused on this past week — the search for those suspected of DUI/DWI on the roads.

According to a report, there were more than 85,000 tickets and warnings issued to Texas drivers during the 2016 July holiday period. In addition, there were more than 600 people arrested for DUI/DWI last year. Police expect similar results after the celebrations this year.

In Texas, a person can be accused of DUI/DWI if he or she has an intoxication level in excess of .08 percent. As a part of their enforcement campaign, authorities declared this holiday a “no refusal” one. This means that if a driver is requested to submit to a blood alcohol evaluation by police, they are unable to refuse. A refusal could lead to a forced blood draw at a local sheriff facility.

When a person in Texas finds he or she has been accused of DUI/DWI after being stopped by police, he or she may seek to present a defense. This defense can include questions relating to the procedure used to determine the blood alcohol level, the procedures followed during an arrest and all other aspects of the incident. To assist them in this effort, those who have been accused often find it helpful to seek the assistance of an experienced professional who is familiar with the laws surrounding these types of cases. This effort will help ensure that a fair outcome is achieved for those who face these types of serious charges.

Source:, “Record numbers hit roadways for Fourth of July, no refusal weekend in Smith County“, Louanna Campbell, June 30, 2017