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Texas drug possession can come from K-2

| Jul 11, 2017 | Drug Possession |

Many readers in Texas may have never heard of the drug “Kush” or “K-2,” but they are common in the state. In fact, the marijuana-type drug is among the fastest growing narcotics in prisons and on the street. It is leading to many arrests for drug possession and other crimes.

According to a recent report, there were 950 arrests for items deemed contraband in prisons in Texas during the first half of this year. Of those, nearly a quarter were for K-2. This is on track to match the half of all such contraband found last year in Texas prisons. Many of these discoveries led to drug possession charges for inmates. In addition, many who sought to provide the inmates with the drugs faced criminal charges.

One of the problems for investigators on these type of cases is that the manufacturers of the drug change the chemical recipe regularly. This makes testing for use of the drug both expensive and difficult. It is also can make detection of carrying it into a prison difficult.

There are many people in Texas prisons facing drug possession and other charges. The same is true for many outside of prison. In each of the cases, those who are accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Until that happens, many will decide to mount a vigorous defense, as is their right. This defense can help ensure a fair outcome for those who find that they have been accused of drug crimes and other offenses.

Source:, “Texas prisons dealing with smuggled synthetic marijuana, K2”, Mike Ward, July 10, 2017