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Federal drug possession investigation leads to Texas arrests

| Aug 9, 2017 | Drug Possession |

Illegal drugs continue to be a law enforcement concern across the country. Charges can range from drug possession to possession with intent to sell and/or traffic in substances such as cocaine or meth. One recent investigation resulted in federal charges for 24 in Texas.

The joint narcotics investigation was a cooperative effort among the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Street Crimes Division of the San Antonio Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. The individuals arrested were accused of participating in a large drug ring. Several of those arrested were also accused of being gang members. 

Law enforcement authorities say they seized over 2 pounds of cocaine and several ounces of meth. In addition, $90,000 was confiscated, along with a vehicle. It appears that some defendants have already been found guilty, though it is not clear if they were convicted after trial or agreed to negotiated plea agreements with federal prosecutors. The media report also indicated that some of the accused individuals have already been sentenced while others await sentencing hearings before the court.

Drug possession charges are serious, whether prosecuted in a Texas criminal court or at the federal level. Here, some of the charges included conspiracy counts for possessing and distributing meth, felon in possession of a firearm, possessing a firearm for the purpose of committing a drug crime and meth possession (over 50 grams) with the intention of distributing it. The severity of the accusations, particularly at the federal level, mandate that the individuals so charged act alongside experienced criminal defense representation to protect all applicable legal rights and fight for the best possible results.

Source:, “24 Individuals Arrested During Joint Narcotics Operation“, Cameron Niblock, Aug. 7, 2017