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Woman accused of DUI headed for court, a year after accident

| Aug 4, 2017 | DUI/DWI |

When two cars collide, the exact cause of the accident is not always known. In some Texas collisions, one or more people wind up facing criminal charges, such as those suspected of DUI. That’s what happened to one woman, who is preparing now for a trial set to begin, one year after the accident in which she was involved.

There were several others involved in the crash as well. Another woman, who happened to be pregnant at the time, and her husband were traveling together when the accident occurred. The young woman charged with DUI was just about to begin her senior year at a Texas university.

Sadly, the collision resulted in two fatalities, the husband of the woman in the other car and her unborn child. Such tragedies often leave a wake of grief flowing throughout entire communities. Lives are changed forever, including those involved who end up being tried for driving under the influence of alcohol. Although criminal charges do not constitute guilt, such situations can take tremendous tolls on people’s personal and professional reputations.

Being convicted of DUI in Texas is definitely one way to ruin a final year of college. However, not everyone charged with such crimes gets convicted. Many times, experienced defense attorneys representing DUI defendants are able to uncover details about particular accidents that help their clients successfully overcome their charges. Such details might include things like errors made by arresting police officers, false positive results on Breathalyzer tests or other issues that can be challenged in court.

Source:, “One year later: Deadly crash suspect awaits trial“, Austin Nguyen, Aug. 3, 2017