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18-year-old charged with drug possession, delivery

| Oct 5, 2017 | Drug Possession |

A man police believe to be the “main supplier” of methamphetamine to Medina County students has been arrested. The Texas man was allegedly found with drugs on his person, leading officers to arrest him. He stands charged with drug possession as well as manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance. No court date has been announced. 

According to the press release from the Medina County sheriff’s office, police said they had learned of a major drug supplier operating in several neighborhood schools, though they did not specify in which district this was taking place. Police conducted an investigation of indeterminate scope, but came to the conclusion the 18-year-old suspect was that supplier. The press release also noted that the student code of conduct and local policies would be observed in case any students were to be found involved, as police said they expected to make more arrests. 

The man was taken to jail, where he remained at last report on a $75,000 bond. It is unknown whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time. If he is found guilty, he could face serious jail time. 

This is one reason why Texas law places the burden of proof on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this man is guilty of drug possession, manufacturing and delivering. This would require considerable evidence gathered by police to be reviewed by both the prosecution and the defense. At this point the man has only been accused, and the formal accusations are proof of nothing. He remains innocent before the court unless and until the prosecution can actually prove the charges filed against him.

Source:, “Suspected drug dealer was ‘main supplier’ of meth to students, says sheriff“, Sept. 27, 2017