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Telltale signs of traumatic brain injuries

| Oct 19, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

After being involved in some sort of accident in which you took a blow to the head, the injury could be worse than you think. When it comes to traumatic brain injuries, symptoms can vary widely and may not even appear until days after the incident. So, what should you look for after a head injury and when should you rush to the nearest Texas hospital?

Some of the symptoms you may recognize in yourself include a persistent headache, nausea or vomiting that does not go away no matter what you do. You could notice that you are slurring your words. You may also find that you are experiencing a loss in coordination, numbness or weakness. These signs indicate that your injury could be more severe than you first believed. You more than likely need immediate medical attention. 

Others may notice that you have trouble waking, one of your pupils is larger than the other or you become easily agitated, restless or confused. You could even experience seizures, convulsions or a loss of consciousness. If loved ones notice any of these symptoms, they need to get you medical attention as soon as possible. You and your loved ones should keep an eye out for anything unusual. Even if your inclination is to dismiss something minor after a head injury, you may want to get checked out in an abundance of caution.

For those who suffer moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries, by the time these symptoms arise, damage could already be done to the brain. You could end up with lifelong complications as a result. If your injury was due to the negligent actions of another, you may be able to seek restitution through the filing of a personal injury claim. Successfully establishing negligence through applicable evidence could result in a Texas civil court awarding you damages that could help with your current and future medical and other needs.

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