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Can getting caught with drugs in college affect my future?

| Mar 2, 2018 | Drug Possession |

Drug use is pervasive on college campuses across the country. Recent studies show that attending college doubles your likelihood of abusing drugs. Because of their widespread use, a college student might wrongly assume that drug experimentation in college is tolerated.

However, the authorities do not take a more lenient stance on drug use among this demographic. In fact, getting caught with drugs in college could carry more severe penalties than you might expect.

· Legal repercussions: In Texas, penalties for drug possession are stiff. If you get caught with under two ounces of marijuana, you can get charged with a Class B misdemeanor. You could go to jail for up to 180 days and be fined up to $10,000.

· Academic repercussions: While the prospect of spending six months behind bars may already sound daunting, consider the implications of this penalty on your academic career. You could be put on academic probation or suspension for missing too many classes, and may not be able to graduate on time. In addition, if you rely on government student aid to pay your tuition, you can kiss that good-bye. Illegal drug possession is a deal breaker on that front.

· Future repercussions: Further down the line, your drug possession charge can still come back to haunt you. You might not get accepted to graduate school if you have a criminal record. Your record could also prevent you from getting a job, taking out a loan or renting an apartment.

Drug possession is a serious offense at any age. Don’t let a drug charge jeopardize your future. Consulting with a lawyer experienced in drug crimes can help to minimize the damage.