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Did you suffer a traumatic brain injury in a car accident?

| Apr 18, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

When anyone learns that someone they care about has suffered a brain injury, they may immediately think the worst. As most people know, any damage to the brain could easily result in serious changes to a person’s personality and his or her abilities. Unfortunately, many scenarios could lead to an individual suffering this type of serious injury.

First, you may want to remember that the manner in which a brain injury occurs determines the category it falls into. In general terms, when a lack of oxygen causes damage to the brain, those injuries fall into the category of an acquired brain injury. When the head suffers trauma that leads to brain damage, those injuries fall into the category of traumatic brain injuries. In particular, car accidents can easily lead to various forms of TBI.

Types of TBI

Just as the two main categories of brain injuries are determined by the manner in which the injury occurred, the type of TBI a person has suffered is determined by the type of damage caused to the brain. Some types of TBI include:

  • Concussion: You likely have heard of a concussion because it is the most common type of TBI. When this injury occurs, the brain has suffered trauma due to a sudden impact or movement change. You could suffer damage to blood vessels and nerves when a concussion occurs.
  • Penetrating injury: If you suffer a penetrating brain injury, it means that an object has penetrated the skull and entered the brain. When this occurs, bone, skin and hair could all be forced into the brain, causing additional damage. The type of object that caused the injury could also impact the amount of damage done.
  • Contusion: Suffering a bruise on the brain means that you have suffered a contusion. This injury usually results from a direct blow to the head. In some cases, surgery may prove necessary to address the injury.
  • Coup-contrecoup: If bruising occurs on both sides of the brain, a coup-contrecoup injury has taken place. This damage usually occurs when a direct blow causes a contusion on one side of the brain, and the force of the blow causes the brain to shift and collide with the other side of the skull, causing additional bruising.

As mentioned, any of these and other traumatic brain injuries could easily result from a serious car accident.

Seeking compensation

If another driver caused a crash that resulted in your suffering a TBI, you may already know that your life will change considerably. If you feel that seeking compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under Texas law could be in your best interests, you may want to look into your legal options.