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May 2018 Archives

Flaws in Alcotest 9510's source code could affect DWI convictions

A breathalyzer is a breathalyzer, right? You might be under the impression that all breath testing machines are the same, but they're not. Each one is manufactured for profit by a private company. Intoxilyzer, Breathalyzer, Alcotest, Intoximeter -- each brand must meet certain standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but the exact details of how they operate are considered the intellectual property of the producer.

A major collision may lead to potentially life-altering injuries

When you embark on your day's journey in your commuter car, you mull over your day's activities and responsibilities. Perhaps you even think ahead about what you will do for lunch. However, all of a sudden, a reportedly careless motorist strikes your car. Suddenly, your day's agenda looks very different.

How behaviors can change after a traumatic brain injury

Whether you suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, a fall or some other catastrophe, you may have felt lucky that the damage wasn't worse. Even so, you may have noticed that your friends and family look at you differently. They may even mention that you don't seem like yourself.

New study: Tackle football before 12 risks earlier brain disorder

Could playing youth football be putting your child at risk for a degenerative brain disorder? It's a risk, according to a new study at the VA Boston Healthcare System and Boston University. Kids who play tackle football before age 12 are at risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and they may see symptoms years earlier than those who do not.

Police say no warrant necessary to probe ancestry DNA database

When you send in your genetic material to have an ancestry DNA test done, is that material private? Major commercial providers of these tests say they won't hand the data over to law enforcement without a court order. That may not mean much, as we recently learned in the "Golden State Killer" case.

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