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A major collision may lead to potentially life-altering injuries

| May 15, 2018 | Car Crashes |

When you embark on your day’s journey in your commuter car, you mull over your day’s activities and responsibilities. Perhaps you even think ahead about what you will do for lunch. However, all of a sudden, a reportedly careless motorist strikes your car. Suddenly, your day’s agenda looks very different.

A motor vehicle wreck can quickly put a wrench in your day, particularly if it caused you to suffer serious injuries. Fortunately, you have the right to seek to hold the allegedly at-fault motorist accountable for your injuries. Here are a few types of injuries that may result from a serious collision wreck in Texas.

Back injuries

Back injuries are relatively common in car crashes. Any damage that your spinal cord suffers may lead to major nerve damage. Signs of this type of damage include reduced control over and sensation in various body parts, such as your feet, hands, legs and arms. You might also suffer a herniated disk, which might cause leg or arm pain, tingling or numb sensations and muscle weakness.

Head injuries

These are some of the most severe injuries that can result from a car accident. They can easily develop if you strike your head against a window, dashboard or steering wheel during the accident. Unfortunately, if you hit your head hard enough, this can lead to a traumatic brain injury. Long-term care and extensive treatment are typically necessary for these types of injuries.

Chest injuries

Car accidents may additionally lead to blunt-force trauma, resulting in collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Another problem that might impact your chest area is internal bleeding. Damage to your abdomen, internal organs and chest may also occur in a major car wreck. These problems require the immediate attention of medical care providers.

Your rights as an injured car accident victim

If a reportedly careless motorist caused you to suffer serious injuries in a collision, it is within your rights to file a personal injury claim against him or her, seeking monetary compensation. If you are successful, you might receive a financial award that may help you to cover your hospital bills and other losses resulting from the wreck. The compensation cannot undo the events leading to your accident, but it may help you to experience a sense of justice in the wake of it.