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A traumatic brain injury can permanently affect cognition

| Sep 30, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

You never wanted to find yourself in a situation where your life was changed in a negative way. Unfortunately, you cannot predict the effects that you will face from a variety of scenarios, and if you are involved in an accident, you could suffer a serious injury that changes your life forever.

A traumatic brain injury is a major injury that can cause permanent changes. You may have suffered this type of harm from a car accident, or you could have slipped and fallen, hitting your head on an object or the ground. Of course, several other scenarios could easily result in this type of injury as well. Nonetheless, you now find yourself experiencing changes that you never expected.

Effects on cognition

When it comes to the information you know, how you think, your ability to make decisions and remembering facts, all of this and more plays into your cognition. Your brain controls your cognitive functions, and when you suffer a TBI, these functions can change forever. Some effects a TBI can have on cognition include the following:

  • Feeling restless
  • Becoming distracted easily
  • Having trouble keeping up with long conversations
  • Facing difficulties in completing projects or working on multiple projects
  • Having a hard time expressing thoughts and feelings through non-verbal communication
  • Failing to process jokes or sarcasm
  • Needing more time to understand directions
  • Having slower reaction times
  • Having a harder time remembering new information

Unfortunately, these are only a few of the negative impacts that a TBI can have on your cognition. While certain tips and practices can help lessen the effects of these issues, you may still feel that your life has changed considerably. You may even need help completing everyday tasks and lose your ability to keep your job.

Seeking compensation

While these effects can stem from a TBI that resulted from an accident, you may have the ability to hold an individual or individuals accountable for your injury. If another driver caused a crash that resulted in your suffering, if dangerous property conditions resulted in your fall or if a company lacked proper safety measures for an offered activity, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against such parties in order to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other damages allowable under Texas state law.

To gain more information about your legal options, you may wish to have your case evaluated by an attorney.