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December 2018 Archives

Shock from blood loss is a serious risk

The moments after a motor vehicle accident are critical, especially if you have suffered injuries and are losing blood. Stemming the flow of blood from a wound is one of the first steps medical responders take. However, sometimes seconds count, and in many circumstances, the bleeding may be internal and not visible even to the trained eye.

The long recovery from a spinal cord injury

A motor vehicle accident that results in injuries may be a frightening experience. Loved ones wait nervously in the hospital for doctors to report the extent of the victim's injuries, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. If you recently paced a hospital waiting room like this, you may never forget the feeling of helplessness and dread.

What are factors affecting breath test accuracy?

If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving, you may have been asked to submit to a roadside breath test. These devices are used by law enforcement officers in Texas and across the United States as a way to measure a driver’s blood alcohol content level. The problem lies in the fact that the blood alcohol content level read off of a breath test device may differ considerably when compared to the BAC level taken from an actual blood test. In some cases, the BAC level obtained from a breath test device may cause you to be mistakenly charged with a DUI.

Conditions that could contribute to truck driver drowsiness

Understandably, you may feel a bit nervous when large commercial trucks are near your vehicle on the New Braunfels roadways. You may do your best to stay calm and check around you to make sure that you have space to maneuver in the event you need to get out of the way. You likely also do your best to stay out of the truck drivers' blind spots.

Why are my Miranda rights so important?

When a Texas law enforcement official attempts to question you about anything having to do with an alleged crime, whether or not (s)he indicates (s)he thinks you may be the suspect (s)he’s looking for, you need to know your Miranda rights. As FindLaw explains, these rights stem from the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona.

Do you know what an ignition interlock device actually does?

Perhaps you left that holiday party a bit too soon after having a couple of drinks. Even though you felt as though you were okay to drive, a police officer pulled you over. After putting you through the paces, so to speak, the officer determined that there was enough evidence to accuse you of DUI. As a result, you may face the suspension of your driver's license.

Processing emotions when faced with a loved one's sudden death

Nothing could have prepared you for the moment you answered the phone and learned that your loved one was involved in a fatal car accident. Only those in Texas and beyond who have suffered similar losses can relate to the utter shock and devastation you experienced in the moments and days that followed that initial call. Picking up the pieces and moving on in life after a sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences of a lifetime. 

Can a drug conviction impact financial aid eligibility?

As a parent of a Texas college student, chances are, you instilled wisdom in your son or daughter before he or she left your home with the hope that your child will make smart choices without your direct guidance. For many young people, however, college is a time for experimentation, and that might mean using drugs or alcohol at parties or recreationally. In some cases, drug use can lead to serious consequences that come from both inside and out of the criminal justice system.

Whose drugs are they?

Facing drug charges in Texas can be a very serious matter. Depending on what type of drug officers accuse you of having and the amount thereof, a conviction could put you in jail or prison for a substantial length of time. But remember, before a prosecutor can convict you of any type of drug charge, (s)he must first prove that you owned or controlled the drugs.

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