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The long recovery from a spinal cord injury

| Dec 30, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A motor vehicle accident that results in injuries may be a frightening experience. Loved ones wait nervously in the hospital for doctors to report the extent of the victim’s injuries, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. If you recently paced a hospital waiting room like this, you may never forget the feeling of helplessness and dread.

When the news came that your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury, life as you knew it came to an end and a new reality began to form. While you may not have fully understood what lay ahead, you knew it would be difficult and demanding for your entire family as well as your loved one.

What to expect in the future

Through X-rays, CT scans and MRI tests, the emergency room team diagnosed the spinal cord injury in your loved one, but it likely took several days for the swelling around the spine to reduce so doctors could obtain an accurate idea of the damage. Meanwhile, doctors worked to keep your loved one breathing and to ensure his or her systems did not suffer complications. These are just the first few stages of care your loved one will need for the rest of his or her life. Others may include:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Hospital stays
  • Traction devices
  • Medication to prevent infections, blood clots, pneumonia, muscle contractions and other risks
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Devices to assist with independent living, such as a wheelchair, home modifications, computers and computerization in the home

Modern advances in medicine give much hope to those suffering from the debilitating effects of a spinal cord injury, and many experimental treatments provide opportunities for a high quality of life in spite of paralysis. You will undoubtedly want to learn as much as you can about your loved one’s medical options. Nevertheless, most therapies and treatments are not free, and while you want your loved one to achieve the most complete recovery possible, you do not want to worry about what it will cost.

If your family member’s injuries resulted from an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you cannot help but feel the unfairness of the situation. However, you may be able to obtain justice by seeking compensation through the civil courts with the help of a Texas attorney. A successful personal injury case may provide financial assistance for the needs of your loved one.