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How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

| Jan 14, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial trucks seem to be around every corner in Texas, but for some residents, sharing the roadway with these massive pieces of machinery can prove anxiety-inducing and dangerous. While many drivers find it difficult to see or make their way around semi-trucks simply due to their size, some truckers are also taking unnecessary risks while at work that make them even more likely to cause crashes.

Per the American Addiction Centers, today’s truckers face numerous risk factors that make them more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and it appears that many of them are doing exactly that. Sometimes, semi-truck drivers abuse substances because they are tired of spending long stretches by themselves, and they are seeking something to help fight the boredom. Other truckers turn to certain substances, such as methamphetamines, because they want to remain awake longer so they can complete a route or task faster.

While there are several factors that contribute to the high incidence of substance abuse among truckers, enough of them are using drugs and alcohol while on the clock that other motorists would be wise to exercise caution when driving alongside them. The results of 36 studies conducted between 2000 and 2013 revealed that more than 90 percent of truckers involved in them drank alcohol on the job. Another more than 82 percent of semi-truck drivers in the studies, meanwhile, acknowledged that they had used amphetamines at some point or another, while more than 8 percent said they had used cocaine while on the clock.

This information about how frequently truck drivers use drugs or alcohol while at work is for educational purposes, only. It is not a substitute for legal advice.