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TBIs resulting from serious car accident affect the whole family

| Jan 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Do you have a loved one who received a serious injury in an accident? As a result, is he or she suffering from a traumatic brain injury that has totally changed who they are as a person? Is coping with this affecting you and your whole family? If so, you are not alone. Other Texas residents who have found themselves in similar situations likely feel the same way you do.

Traumatic brain injuries do tend to change people and not usually for the better. They may suffer physical and mental impairments to which it can be hard for their loved ones to adjust. No one wants to complain about the difficulties of taking care of a loved one with a TBI, but it is not an issue that can or should be ignored. Being a caregiver can take a toll on your life.

Caring for someone with a TBI

Caring for someone with a TBI can be physically and emotionally exhausting. It can also be financially draining. Even with extensive medical treatments, such as surgeries, medications and therapy, there is no guarantee of recovery. A severe TBI can leave a victim struggling or impaired for the rest of his or her life.

Family members of TBI victims do play a significant role in the recovery process, but caregivers do need to recognize that they also need to take care of themselves. Many people lose themselves while trying to care for their loved ones and their other family members. This is particularly true if the injured individual is a spouse, leaving you no one at home whom you can depend on for extra support. When money is tight, seeking outside help from professionals may seem out of reach.

Getting help for you and the victim

If the injury that caused your loved one’s TBI was the result of another person’s negligent actions, you may seek compensation for the victim, yourself and your family through legal means. You can file personal injury claims on behalf of the victim, and you can file other civil claims for yourself and your family. In order to successfully win any legal claims, it is necessary to:

  • Properly establish negligence against the responsible party
  • Provide documentation for all resulting losses

It can take time to investigate the matter in order to establish negligence and to pull together all the necessary information regarding losses experienced, but with help, it is possible.

Following a traumatic brain injury, and when determining suitable compensation, it is necessary to look at the effect on the family as a whole, not just the effect the injury has on the victim. It is also necessary to look ahead and not just in the here and now. A TBI often has life-long consequences, and any compensation offered should take current and future losses into account. With assistance, it is possible to take steps to seek fair and full compensation for your whole family.