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Signs of PTSD after a car wreck

| May 21, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Imagine driving down Loop 337 through New Braunfels on your way to River Road for a nice Saturday on the Guadalupe River. Traffic is heavier than usual with tourists coming into town for an afternoon or weekend getaway and many of these driver’s do not know exactly where they are going. This means they are paying more attention to road signs and their GPS systems than what traffic is actually doing. In addition, this means you are more at risk of becoming involved in a car accident.

If it not uncommon for a car wreck to result in major damage to the vehicles involved as well as injuries ranging from a strained neck to broken bones and even more catastrophic conditions. A less talked about issue is the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can develop after a car accident. Here are a few signs that you could be suffering from PTSD after a vehicle collision.


If the memory of a car accident brings on anxiety and an increase in your heart rate, you could be experiencing PTSD. Other triggers might include the sound of a horn honking or squealing brakes. Simply hearing these sounds, even when you are not behind the wheel, could be enough to bring on an anxiety attack or other symptoms of PTSD.

Feeling on edge

If driving makes you feel jumpy or on edge, this could also be the effects of the aftermath of car accident. For example, if every time you get in a car you feel more tense or frightened, then the damages of the car wreck are more than just physical.

You’re more watchful

After a vehicle collision, you might find that you are always watching for another car accident. Being overly watchful can also be a symptom of PTSD.

You avoid driving

Another common sign of PTSD is situation avoidance. For instance, the anxiety or fear you feel when you think about driving might be enough to cause you to avoid getting behind the wheel or even riding as a passenger. Or, the avoidance might be even more specific. If the accident happened on the highway, maybe you can’t bring yourself to drive on highways anymore.

If you have been the victim of a car accident, you might experience PTSD in addition to physical injuries. Be sure to exercise your right to file a claim so that you can take the first step toward fighting for the compensation you deserve.