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Texas police arrest 45,000 every year for traffic violations

| Jun 5, 2019 | Uncategorized |

A recent report that analyzed 2018 data found that an alarming number of people in Texas were arrested for Class C misdemeanors, which are generally considered to be minor traffic offenses or violations of city code. According to Reason, the report found that about 45,000 drivers were arrested for Class C misdemeanors at traffic stops in Texas in 2018. 

The community where the most arrests took place was Waco, where 4.5 percent of drivers were arrested for Class C misdemeanors at traffic stops. In Houston, 53 drivers out of every 10,000 drivers pulled over were injured as a result of police force during the arrest. 

While the report notes that nearly 99 percent of the time, drivers are cited without further consequence at routine traffic stops, it’s important to recognize that this trend is alarming and could have a lasting impact on the community. It’s left many questioning why the numbers are so high, and what is the cause behind these arrests.

Pulled over by the police? Here’s what to do.

Motorists should always be aware of proper protocol when they are being pulled over by a police officer. These tips can help drivers stay calm and can help improve the process for police officers:

  • Upon realizing that you are being pulled over, use your turn signal and slowly come to a stop in a safe and appropriate location. Do not speed up or try to avoid the officer.
  • Stay seated, remain calm and wait for the officer to approach you before you begin looking for identification in the vehicle. If you start to move suddenly or aggressively, the officer may feel like you are trying to hide something.
  • Stay calm and avoid becoming instantly defensive. You are going to have a better experience with the officer if you are cooperative and understanding of the procedure.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have been put in handcuffs or taken to jail by a Texas police officer for a minor traffic offense, then it’s important that you contact a qualified attorney who will fight for your rights. Our criminal defense law firm has earned a reputation for excellence throughout Texas, and we will make sure that you get the results that you need after this traumatizing experience.