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What to do when a truck accident occurs

| Jun 13, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

It probably goes without saying that a motor vehicle accident can wreak havoc in the lives of the victims and their loved ones. In fact, the damages can be far worse if the victim was struck by a large truck. Usually, the sheer size of the truck is enough to inflict serious damage to the victim and their vehicle. It is due to this fact that claims related to truck accidents are often more complicated.

Although there are a number of trucking-related rules and regulations applicable in Texas and the rest of the country, truck accidents are often due to reasons for which the truck driver or the trucking company can be held liable. Some examples include lack of truck maintenance on the part of the trucking company and violation of traffic rules and trucking safety guidelines on the part of the truck driver.

Fortunately, the legal system in Texas allows victims to seek legal recourse. However, truck accident claims are often more complicated than other claims because, in addition to holding the offending driver accountable, the plaintiffs have to deal with multiple other stakeholders and also navigate a vast maze of federal and state trucking regulations before they are able to obtain any compensation.

At Kyle Law Firm in New Braunfels, Texas, we understand the various complications of a personal injury claim related to a truck accident. We, therefore, strive to make sure our clients are compensated adequately for their losses. Beginning with the collection of evidence to appearing on our client’s behalf for hearings, we put in our best efforts to build a case that a judge and jury cannot put aside easily.