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Someone else’s negligence can cause brain injuries

| Jul 11, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

It probably goes without saying that the brain is the single-most important organ in the body. Therefore, if someone sustains a brain injury, it can wreak havoc in that person’s life. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which someone can sustain a brain injury. For example, we know of many professional football players who suffered a traumatic brain injury while playing. Again, children can suffer a brain injury at the time of delivery. Yet again, one can suffer a brain injury after being involved in an auto accident.

It is true that there are many brain injuries for which no one else but the victim is responsible, but there are also many cases when another person or party can be held responsible for a brain injury. In those types of cases, brain injury victims and their families in and around New Braunfels, Texas, should know that they have the right to pursue legal recourse. This holds true especially for those families in which the victim was the breadwinner and without his or her earnings, the family would suffer the most.

According to the personal injury laws in Texas, a brain injury victim, or that victim’s representative, may file a lawsuit in order to claim damages for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering and loss of income. Additionally, a court can award punitive damages to a victim, if the evidence clearly suggests that the brain injury was a result of gross negligence on part of the other party. These punitive damages are in addition of the damages that the plaintiffs have already claimed otherwise.

If one is a brain injury victim or the kin of a victim, they may wish to gather some more information. For that, visit our law firm’s webpage about brain injury compensation claims. The information on this page will provide ideas about how to purse a claim for damages.