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You should always fight against drug possession charges

| Jul 18, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Drug possession charges are a serious matter, especially for individuals who are still young and establishing themselves. Many college students, for instance, catch drug possession charges that derail their education and burden them with a criminal record that makes it difficult to find strong employment and housing.

If you or someone you know recently received drug charges, you must begin building your legal defense as soon as possible. The law only allows defendants a small window of time to prepare their defense and review the evidence against them, so the longer you wait to begin building, the more difficult it is to protect your rights and your future.

Examining the evidence

Examining the evidence against you is a key part of building your defense. In drug possession cases, evidence may include physical substances police confiscated as well as the police description of how and where they allegedly discovered the drugs in question.

In many cases, allegations of possession simply do not stand up to scrutiny. In a scenario where police find drugs in your home, they may charge you with possession for drugs that do not belong to you. This is particularly common in university settings where many people holding illicit substances may pass through a person’s home while at a party or simply visiting.

It is also wise to scrutinize the physical evidence confiscated by police. Typically, it is within your rights to request that the evidence undergo laboratory testing to determine its composition. In order for the prosecution to send the drugs to a lab, they must first produce the substance from evidence storage. If the drugs become lost in storage, misappropriated or misfiled, then the prosecution may not be able to produce the evidence against you at all.

It is also possible that the laboratory results do not match the substances listed in your charges, which weakens the case against you. These are only some of many tactics you may find useful while building your defense.

Your defense should be your first priority

If you do not build a defense against drug possession charges, you almost certainly will face serious consequences. You may spend years of your life behind bars, face serious fines, and be unable to re-enter your existing life once you serve your time. If you value your freedoms and opportunities, keep them secure with a strong legal defense, and begin building it today.