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Recovery from some kinds of spinal injuries is possible

| Aug 12, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Other than brain injuries, spinal cord injuries may be the most feared and potentially debilitating of all major injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions. Your spinal cord is the conduit that allows your brain to communicate with the rest of your body. Spinal cord injuries can impede or completely disrupt the ability of your brain to communicate with the nerves throughout your body.

While most people understand the basic idea that the spinal cord plays a critical role in motor function, few people understand spinal cord injuries and the impact they have on your life. While total or complete spinal cord injuries are typically permanent, partial spinal cord injuries that involve pinching, cutting or tearing of the spinal cord without fully severing it may offer an opportunity for future recovery.

However, obtaining the best care in this area is often dependent on access to the newest medical research and expensive medical equipment. You will need financial resources to connect with the best possible prognosis for a partial spinal cord injury.

Recovery from a spinal cord injury will take months or years

In some accidents, the trauma to the spinal cord is so severe that it permanently severs the spinal cord, breaking communication with the body below the injury site. Other times, while the tear or injury to the spinal cord may be extreme, the body will eventually be able to repair itself with proper support. Many times, incomplete spinal cord injuries require reparative surgery as soon as possible after the initial surgery to remove penetrating objects or to reduce the potential for future damage to the spinal cord.

Patients will need to have regular medical examinations with specialists and undergo intensive physical therapy to bounce back from their spinal cord procedure. The medical care necessary for the recovery of motor function in the areas of the body below in incomplete spinal cord injury can be tens or likely hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of someone’s life.

Many insurance companies will not offer full coverage for more extensive or experimental treatment. Even partial coinsurance or co-pay for daily physical therapy could quickly become prohibitive, especially if you can’t continue to work while in recovery. Many times, it is only through compensation from the responsible driver in your crash that you can access the best and most cutting edge treatments.

You have rights when another driver causes you a life-altering injury

The law in Texas is clear. Those who cause personal injury to others through wrongful actions or negligence may be liable for the financial consequences of those injuries. While insurance policies can offer some protection after a crash, many people only carry the minimum coverage required by law.

In that circumstance or in a situation involving an uninsured driver, a personal injury lawsuit is likely the best way to connect with the compensation you will need to cover the care that will help give you options for medical care during your recovery.