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Potential challenges to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | DUI/DWI

DUI charges in Texas can be damaging for the accused individual and their reputation and can affect their personal and professional lives. As a result, it is essential for accused individuals to understand criminal defense protections related to charges of driving under the influence.

It is essential in a traffic stop for accused individuals to know what their criminal defense rights are and how to enforce them for their protection when they are facing DUI charges. The accused individual may be faced with a difficult decision whether or not to submit to a breathalyzer test and if they refuse a breath test, the accused individual may have their license suspended, may be placed under arrest and may have a warrant to have their blood tested pursued.

What is crucial to note is that accused individuals have important rights all throughout this process and if they believe there has been some type of police misconduct at any point, may wish to pursue that as part of their criminal defense. In addition, authorities must be properly trained to conduct these tests, including breath tests and field sobriety tests, and the tests themselves, such as a breathalyzer test, must be properly maintained and calibrated. A number of factors can also interfere with the accuracy of the test results.

The criminal justice process affords accused individuals important protections that they need to be familiar with. A DUI charge can ultimately lead to significant penalties and consequences, which is why accused individuals need to know how to protect their interests when facing DUI accusations and charges.