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What are the different types of brain injuries?

| Oct 17, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

There is a range of brain injuries victims may suffer in a car accident or other traumatic accident and all of them can be serious. As this blog discussed recently, brain injuries can also be costly injuries to treat and have a sweeping impact on the victim’s life which is why brain injury victims should know how they can receive help with their damages.

A traumatic brain injury is the most serious type of brain injury a victim may suffer. Traumatic brain injuries may be open or closed head injuries. In some circumstances, such as a closed head injury during a car accident that results in a traumatic brain injury, the immediate impact of the harm to the victim may not be obvious right away so victims should be on the lookout for a brain injury following a car accident. There are several different types of traumatic brain injuries victims may suffer.

Traumatic brain injuries include penetration injuries, concussions, contusions and diffuse axonal injuries. Concussions are the most common type of brain injury and can occur as a result of whiplash injuries or other serious injuries suffered in a car accident. Contusions are another type of brain injury and, like concussions, are caused by head trauma. Diffuse axonal injuries are caused by severe shaking and penetration injuries are caused by some type of penetration to the skull and brain. Brain injury symptoms can range from headache and dizziness to impaired motor function, mood disruptions and personality changes.

The impact of a brain injury can prevent injured victims from being able to perform everyday activities which may leave them needing help with their physical, financial and emotional damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Brain injury victims may be able to receive help with these damages through a personal injury claim for damages when they have been injured by a negligent driver in a car accident and should be familiar with these legal protections available to them.