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The difference between drug possession and trafficking

| Jan 9, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Drug crimes are serious and can affect the futures of those Texas residents who must face them. For some, getting legal help and guidance is an important part of developing criminal defense strategies and protecting defendants’ rights and privileges. Criminal defense attorneys who work in the drug defense field can help their clients understand the specific elements of the charges that they are facing.

For example, drug possession and drug trafficking are two different drug-based crimes that have different elements of proof and different possible penalties. This post will offer an overview of the mentioned crimes, but readers should always seek out the most applicable laws and support for their individual legal needs.

Drug possession involves the knowledgeable possession of an illegal or controlled substance without a prescription for it. It is not enough for a person to simply have an illegal substance under their control: they must know that the substance is in their possession. Therefore, accidental or unintended possession may serve as a defense to a drug possession charge.

Drug trafficking, in comparison, involves more than just having a drug in one’s possession. The drug or controlled substance must be delivered to another place or party for a trafficking charge to attach. Depending upon the alleged drugs involved, a person can face a range of serious sanctions and penalties.

Any drug crime can have long-term consequences on the life of a Texas resident. Whether they face possession, trafficking or other charges, a person should know that they can get legal help from committed criminal defense professionals. Options may be available to those facing drug charges to lessen or eliminate their alleged criminal culpability. Initiating a criminal defense is the first step to protect the rights of those accused of such a crime.