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Preventing driver fatigue as a truck driver

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2020 | Drowsy Driving, Truck Accidents

If you are a truck driver in Texas or anywhere else across the United States, you may have experienced driver fatigue. This intense exhaustion occurs when drivers are mentally and physically tired at work. Driver fatigue leads to increased risks of accidents.


Driver fatigue is not just being sleepy; it is a debilitating feeling of tiredness. Truck drivers endure many hours on the road, high-stress situations and lack of deep sleep. All of these risk factors add up over time and cause truck drivers to generally have slower reflexes and lower quick-thinking abilities.


There are a few ways you can prevent driver fatigue to keep yourself alert and safe behind the wheel of your truck. These methods include the following:

• Maintain a regular sleep schedule by ensuring that you sleep six to eight hours a day.
• It is easy to find fast food on the road, but try to eat nutritious food to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients that can help keep you focused on the road.
• Reduce your substance intake, including coffee and alcohol, because these have long-term effects on your brain that can harm your cognitive functioning.
• Drink water to keep your hydration levels up and reduce drowsiness.
• Make sure your truck is comfortable and not contributing to any injuries or soreness.

Driver fatigue is a serious issue that is the root cause of many trucking accidents. You can reduce your risk by sleeping more, eating and drinking well, and ensuring that your truck is not interfering with your comfort. Trucking accidents are common, so if you do find yourself as the victim of one, an attorney experienced in personal injury law may be able to help you obtain compensation.