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Dealing with criminal charges amidst the prescription pill crisis

| May 7, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Prescription pill abuse continues to be a problem in Texas and across the United States. Many people suffering from substance abuse issues would benefit from professional help to overcome their addiction. Sadly, numerous prescription pill abusers found themselves reliant on painkillers after suffering from a legitimate medical issue. Regardless of someone’s personal history, the illegal use, sale, possession, and distribution of prescription pills remains a crime.

Since there are different crimes, charges and penalties vary. One incident could lead to a minor misdemeanor charge while another could be a felony. And a felony may come with significant jail time upon conviction.

The prescription pill crisis is fueled, in part, by unethical behavior of doctors running “pill mills.” Essentially, these physicians over-prescribe pills for profit. In some cases, doctors convicted of illegally prescribing prescription drugs earned millions of dollars.

Today, authorities crack down on physicians suspected of such abuse. Regardless, an illegal “street” market for pills exists. No matter the circumstances, anyone illegally selling or distributing prescription pills may be looking at severe legal troubles.

Possession of prescription pills may also land someone in legal jeopardy. Even someone with a valid prescription can run into trouble if, say, he or she has more than the legally prescribed amount.

Persons charged with drug crimes should speak with an attorney who understands these cases. A criminal defense lawyer could look at the particulars of the case and examine if entrapment, illegal search, and seizure, or other improprieties took place.

A criminal defense attorney can also handle representation in court with regards to plea bargains. In some instances, a plea bargain might be a preferable strategy than taking chances with a jury. Those convicted also rely on attorneys to file appeals.