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Rapper riding in SUV arrested for marijuana during traffic stop

| Jun 10, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Minor traffic violations, sometimes, lead to arrests in Texas when police detect marijuana or other drugs in the possession of the driver or passengers. Fame does not necessarily insulate people from such an outcome. Rap artist David Brewster, who is known by his stage name Dave East, must now contend with two summonses for disorderly conduct and marijuana possession after a traffic stop.

A representative from his record label, Mass Appeal Records, said that East had been traveling in the backseat of an SUV when police stopped the vehicle for allegedly failing to signal a turn. This event took place in his hometown neighborhood.

Police officers claim that they smelled marijuana and believed that the odor was coming from the SUV. Although police reported that the driver was cooperative during the stop, East was allegedly argumentative and aggressive. After police chose to search the vehicle, they reportedly found several bags of marijuana. Officers then took East into custody and issued the summonses.

A person arrested under similar circumstances may want a legal opinion about the legality of a search that resulted in drug charges. Any failings on the part of law enforcement to respect a person’s rights might enable an attorney to challenge evidence. A consultation with an attorney may be especially valuable before a defendant enters a plea. A response to charges should be made after a person gains an understanding of rights and the potential strength of a prosecutor’s case. Even when evidence holds firm, an attorney may take action to lessen the consequences. In the absence of legal representation, a person might not have enough information to evaluate accurately a plea deal offered by a prosecutor. An attorney’s guidance may enable the negotiation of lenient terms.