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Animal welfare call leads to drug bust

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Drug Charges

On May 10, Texas authorities arrested a man on drug charges while responding to an animal welfare call in College Station. The incident occurred at a residence on the 300 block of Southwest Parkway.

According to media reports, police received a report of an individual hurting a dog in the backyard of a home. An officer came to the scene and claimed to detect the smell of fresh marijuana coming from inside the house. Once inside, the officer reportedly spotted a bag of marijuana on a living room coffee table and saw suspected THC wax on a kitchen counter. The officer talked to three individuals living at the property, and they all allegedly admitted that there were narcotics in the home and gave the officer permission to search the residence.

During the ensuing search, authorities said they uncovered more than 131 grams of THC wax, 37 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and 29 packets of LSD. They also found unspecified amounts of marijuana, cocaine, THC concentrates, ecstasy pills and prescription drugs. One of the residents of the home, a 20-year-old male, reportedly said that all the narcotics were his and confessed that he is a drug dealer. He was taken into custody and transported to the Brazos County Jail. He has been charged with two counts of manual delivery of a controlled substance over 4 grams and one count of manual delivery of a controlled substance less than 4 grams. He is being held on $115,000 bond.

Defendants facing drug charges might need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. The attorney may help protect a defendant’s rights throughout the legal process and work to develop a defense against the allegations. In some cases, disputing the evidence or police conduct might cause the case to be thrown out of court. In other cases, the circumstances may be used as leverage to negotiate a plea deal that reduces the charges.