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Are truck accidents on the rise?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in Texas might lead to disastrous outcomes. Drivers and pedestrians often worry about the potential dangers of trucks on the road due to the trucks’ massive size and the fact that such accidents are becoming more prevalent.

Data about truck accidents being on the rise

Data does suggest that truck accidents are on the rise. Since 2009, truck accidents have increased by 52% with 74% of accidents resulting in fatalities. Trends suggest that truck accident fatalities could become the fifth-highest cause of death in the United States by 2030.

This may motivate commuters to drive more defensively when in a semi-truck’s proximity. Other drivers might purchase vehicles with advanced safety technology. While any steps intended to increase safety may help, there is only so much a potential victim could do. A negligent truck driver might cause a fatal accident that other drivers can’t avoid.

Concerns about incidents with large trucks

Reasons why other drivers fear truck collisions commonly center on concerns about the size of tractor-trailers. These massive vehicles could crush smaller cars. Other factors could contribute to fatal accidents, such as the dangers associated with the truck’s cargo. Hazardous cargo might burst into flames, increasing the chances of severe injury or death. Cargo that comes loose and falls off the trailer may potentially kill someone as well.

Statistics also show that 18-wheeler crashes have increased at a higher rate than other types of car accidents. The data further points to the dangers associated with truck accidents. Many truck drivers operate their vehicles without incident, but the alarming statistics about accidents require attention.

When deadly truck accidents happen, the aftermath could include extensive medical bills, lost wages and funeral costs. Persons injured or suffering the loss of a loved one may want to contact an attorney to discuss civil litigation.