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Possession of marijuana in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Drug Charges

Different types of drug charges carry stiff penalties upon conviction in Texas. With that duly noted, in some parts of the state, including in North Texas, there has been something of a relaxation in the manner in which marijuana possession cases are addressed, at least at this juncture in time.

Marijuana remains illegal in Texas

The possession of marijuana can lead to drug charges in the Lone Star State. Despite movement in other states around the country, marijuana possession in Texas remains a crime.

Relaxation of charging people with pot possession

There has been something of a relaxation in regard to charging people in possession of smaller amounts of marijuana in some locales in Texas. Bear in mind that this is not universal across the state.

There are three courses law enforcement is permitted to take in some jurisdictions when it comes to charging a person in possession of a small amount of marijuana. First, in some jurisdictions, law enforcement can issue a citation, something akin to a traffic ticket.

Second, in other locales, charging a person for a lesser offense than pot possession is permitted. Finally, in some locations law enforcement officials are granted with a wider degree of latitude to charge a person with pot possession in the first instance.

Because of the variation, even disparity, in the manner in which different jurisdictions in Texas address marijuana possession, if you face such a situation, you are well-advised to seek legal assistance. An experienced lawyer may be able to obtain a more favorable resolution of your case than might be possible if you represented yourself.