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Car Crashes

Helping Your Teen After a Car Accident

Teenagers may be excited to drive, but they lack experience. This means that they get into accidents more frequently than drivers in older age groups. Unfortunately, because all drivers are at risk of harm when traveling, even teenagers who don’t make any mistakes may...

Safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

Motorcyclists face an incredible amount of danger on the road. When other drivers make mistakes, motorcyclists have very little protection. Some studies claim that an average of one individual dies in these accidents every single day in Texas. Many more suffer from...

How to stay focused while behind the wheel

Distracted driving is a serious issue in Texas and throughout the country. However, there are a variety of proactive steps that you can take to ensure that you’re always paying attention to road conditions when your car is in motion. One of these steps will likely...

Did your car accident result in a herniated disc?

Every part of your body is at risk of injury in a motor vehicle accident, but your back and neck are among the most susceptible. If you suspect this type of injury, it’s best to seek immediate medical care, as opposed to attempting to treat it at home. Upon presenting...