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Could participating in drug court help you avoid jail?

As a Texas resident facing a drug-related criminal charge, you may be fearful of having to potentially spend time in jail. While, for many drug offenders, jail time is an unavoidable reality, you may, depending on certain circumstances, be able to enroll in a drug court program instead of having to spend time behind bars.

Can a drug conviction impact financial aid eligibility?

As a parent of a Texas college student, chances are, you instilled wisdom in your son or daughter before he or she left your home with the hope that your child will make smart choices without your direct guidance. For many young people, however, college is a time for experimentation, and that might mean using drugs or alcohol at parties or recreationally. In some cases, drug use can lead to serious consequences that come from both inside and out of the criminal justice system.

Whose drugs are they?

Facing drug charges in Texas can be a very serious matter. Depending on what type of drug officers accuse you of having and the amount thereof, a conviction could put you in jail or prison for a substantial length of time. But remember, before a prosecutor can convict you of any type of drug charge, (s)he must first prove that you owned or controlled the drugs.

Are you concerned your college-aged child is using drugs?

Having a child in his or her late teens or early 20s often means going through a major rite of passage: college. This time can act as a transformative period in your child's life, and you certainly want to make sure that those changes are for the better. Of course, you likely know that your child will want to gain some experiences that he or she could not while living at home.

Supreme Court to review property seizures after drug arrests

Especially in cases involving drugs, state and federal governments have the authority to seize property that can be tied to illegal activity. These seizures are often performed before the owner has been tried and can be extremely difficult to reverse, even when the defendant is never convicted. How far can the government go with these seizures?

Prescription drugs: Often beneficial, sometimes a problem

You may be one of many in Texas and beyond who often ponder the numerous benefits and great inventions we have in the modern world that were not available to those long ago. The development of prescription drugs has brought pain relief and healing for many who suffer infections, illnesses or chronic pain. If you've ever pulled a back muscle, your doctor may have prescribed an opioid to help relax your muscles and help you feel more comfortable while you recovered.  

Registry: Harris County has exonerated some 100 drug defendants

The National Registry of Exonerations has just released data about exonerations in 2017 and historically. The data gives us a great deal of insight into who has been wrongfully convicted and, in many cases, what led to that wrongful conviction. Interestingly, Harris County, Texas, has had an outsized impact on the nationwide picture of exonerations.

Supreme Court: Do US email warrants apply to overseas servers?

When the Drug Enforcement Administration wanted to access a drug crime suspect's emails, the agency got a warrant. Unfortunately, the most up-to-date law authorizing such warrants is the 1986 Stored Communications Act. That law was written long before cloud storage, so Congress could not have contemplated how it would be used in this case.

Can getting caught with drugs in college affect my future?

Drug use is pervasive on college campuses across the country. Recent studies show that attending college doubles your likelihood of abusing drugs. Because of their widespread use, a college student might wrongly assume that drug experimentation in college is tolerated.

Can I be charged for drug possession if I didn't have any on me?

Drug charges are treated seriously in Texas, with harsh penalties for even seemingly minor infractions. It is important for defendants to fully understand these charges in order to best combat the potential legal consequences of a conviction. Drug possession allegations often cause significant confusion for defendants who were charged even though police did not find any illegal substance on their person at the time of arrest.

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