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Driving after drinking can lead to DUI/DWI in Texas

When people travel the roads here in Texas, they assume that everyone that is on the roadway is driving safely. For some drivers, that is not the case. Drivers can be under the influence of medication, alcohol, drugs or even suffering from illness. Police must perform tests to determine if a suspect is driving under the influence before charging the driver with DUI/DWI. This is what occurred recently on a warm late-spring morning in Athens-Clark County.

Governor Abbott signs 'second chances bill'

Ask anyone who has previously been convicted of a relatively low-level offense about the impact it has had on their lives and you might be surprised. Indeed, the unfortunate reality for many of these people is that despite paying their debt to society, they continue to be punished for their one-time mistake in judgment, facing everything from diminished employment prospects to limited housing opportunities.

What to Do at a Texas DWI Checkpoint

Being stopped at a sobriety checkpoint is a major source of anxiety for many drivers. Regardless of whether or not you have been drinking, the process of being stopped at a roadblock, questioned by the police, and possibly being subjected to further interrogation can be an unsettling experience - especially if the police should have reason to suspect that you are guilty of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure your rights are protected and reduce your chances of winding up in the back of a squad car.

What To Do if You Miss Your DUI Court Date

It's never a good idea to miss a court date, even for a simple traffic violation. But the punishments and consequences associated with skipping out on court might be even worse in a DUI case. While many excuses exist for missing a DUI court date-oversleeping, a sick child, or even having moved outside of the state-it can sometimes take the right legal action to avoid being punished for this lapse in attendance. If you miss your DUI court date, be sure to note the following:

Steps To Take After A DWI Charge

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is extremely dangerous for you and everyone around you. Serious injury and death are always a risk when driving under the influence and it is extremely illegal. DWI charges are taken very seriously and the results of receiving a DWI charge can change lives forever. Though the consequences are heavy, a DWI charge is not the end of the world. Steps can be taken to help get your life back on track. It is best to educate yourself on what a DWI charge is, what the consequences are, and what you should do afterwards.

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