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What is the true cost of a DWI in Texas?

If you were stopped and arrested for drinking and driving in Texas, your reputation and your wallet may be at stake. DWIs come with several intangible consequences, including but not limited to difficulty finding gainful employment, tarnished character, interrupted family life and other costs. They also come with a number of tangible consequences, the greatest of which is actual cost. 

New 'pot breathalyzer' could test for marijuana impairment

With marijuana legal for medical or recreational purposes in a number of states, the need has arisen for an easy, reliable test for marijuana impairment. Drug-impaired driving is still illegal in all 50 states, but the current blood and urine tests only indicate whether someone has used the drug in the past month or so. Since marijuana's "high" only lasts for a couple of hours, the tests come out positive in many cases where the driver is long past that "high" stage.

Caught up in enhanced DWI enforcement over the July 4 holiday?

Law enforcement from Austin to San Antonio and across the state have been cracking down on drunk driving over the Fourth of July holiday period. Starting June 28 and continuing in some cases until July 15, Sheriff's Offices and the crackdown includes enhanced DWI enforcement, extra attention to speeding and seat belt violations, and "no refusal" breath testing initiatives in some parts of the state.

Actor Vince Vaughn arrested for drunk driving, resisting officers

The plucky star of such hits as "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story," "Wedding Crashers" and "True Detective" was recently pulled over near Los Angeles and arrested for drunk driving, along with resisting, delaying or obstructing officers. An unidentified male passenger was also arrested, charged with obstruction and public intoxication.

Report: Growing number of opioid- or cannabis-positive drivers

With legalized cannabis taking center stage over the past decade, it may come as no surprise that the number of drivers thought to have marijuana in their systems has risen substantially. At the same time, increased opioid activity has also driven up the number of people thought to drive with opioids in their system, according to a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

Flaws in Alcotest 9510's source code could affect DWI convictions

A breathalyzer is a breathalyzer, right? You might be under the impression that all breath testing machines are the same, but they're not. Each one is manufactured for profit by a private company. Intoxilyzer, Breathalyzer, Alcotest, Intoximeter -- each brand must meet certain standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but the exact details of how they operate are considered the intellectual property of the producer.

How reliable might witnesses in a DWI case be?

Prosecuting attorneys can use many "tools" when they put on or negotiate a DWI case. For example, to show your BAC was above 0.08, they can use the results of tests and show a video demonstrating a defendant's slurred speech. Witnesses can testify as to a driver swerving and drinking constantly at a party before getting behind the wheel.

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