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FAQ Dog Bites

Dog owners are required by law to vaccinate their dogs and keep them leashed while in public. These preventive measures are meant to protect others occupying the same public space. Small children at the most common victims of dog bites. Dogs can be unpredictable and aggravated by sudden movements in the environments. When animals detect potential threats even if they are harmful they may act erratically and harm people in close proximity. Dog bites not only break skin and draw blood they can also pass on rabies or cause other infections. If you have been the victim of a dog bite you may be able to receive compensation. Before you decide to seek legal counsel you may have questions. Listed below are the most FAQ questions concerning dog bites.

Common Water Park Injuries

Water themed parks can be a source of amusement. Between the wave pools and cotton candy both children and adults can be entertained at water parks. Trips to water parks can be a time for family and friends to create pleasant memories and take a much needed break away from the stress of school and work. Although water parks can be a place of enjoyment, they can also quickly become a dangerous environment. High velocity slides can cause collisions with others. The impact of landing in the pool can also be the cause on injuries. Lacerations from protruding objects, dislocations from bad landings, and water inhalation are also possible injuries one can sustain while at a water park. Knowing common water park injuries may encourage you to practice caution.

4 Types of Visitors in a Premises Liability Case

Premise liability is defined as the responsibility the owner of a property assumes once someone enters their property. You are the liable party for any injuries sustained on your property. Water parks, grocery stores, schools, and private homes are all locations that can be the stage for a premise liability case. When you own a property it becomes your responsibility to ensure that all those entering your property will not be injured. Loose stones in a walkway, weak guardrails, or unpaved snow in driveways are all potential dangers that can cause accident or injury. Premise liability operate under certain conditions, certain factors must be present for this case to be strong. One of the most important factors that determine the outcome of the case is the status of the visitor. Status of visitor, nature of the injury, and state of the property are some of the factors included in a premise liability case. In a premise liability case the status of a visitor can fall under four different categories.

Common Ways to Be Sued Under Premises Liability

You might assume that because you aren't a business owner, or running a dangerous program, you don't have a risk of being sued for injuries that occur on your property. Under the theory of premises liability, however, you may be charged with negligence in certain common situations. Victims are entitled to damages that they sustained, but you don't want to be unfairly blamed. To understand how premises liability works and the common ways that people are sued, read on. You can help protect yourself from being held accountable under premises liability.

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